Literature review

Book titles:
Change anything: The new
science of personal success

Kerry Patterson, Al Switzler,
David Maxfield, Ron McMillan,
Joseph Grenny

Little, Brown Book Group
ISBN: 10:0749955686

Limbic® Personality Check
The key to the heart of your brain!

Unfold your whole personality with the key to the heart of your brain.
Learn HOW your brain works and HOW to us this knowledge to make you successful!

Live the life you want and make use of the undreamt-of possibilities which slumber in you.


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Limbic Personality Analyses

and for teenagers


LIMBIC® is an internationally registered and protected trade- mark of Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel, Munich.



All Limbic Personality Analyses are based on insights from neuroscience, particularly those which are concerned with emotionality.

The key to a person’s success in his working and business life lies in the emotional brain centers.

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You learn what is motivating for you and what is not, which kind of social contacts you need and which level of autonomy is right for you.
Furthermore, you realize what your profession has to offer you so that you not only have fun but can also be productive.

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Performance & Health

If you know your basic needs and how these have to be taken into account in your daily business life, you can build up your ideal work environment.

You can quickly identify the stumbling blocks on your road to success

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