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Change anything: The new
science of personal success

Kerry Patterson, Al Switzler,
David Maxfield, Ron McMillan,
Joseph Grenny

Little, Brown Book Group
ISBN: 10:0749955686

The Limbic® Personality Analyses

Based on the results of the Limbic® Personality Check, there are a series of analyses available that can help you to reach your objectives and to realize your wishes. You will find analyses for many of your life situations which offer entirely new perspectives on life. This might help you to get ahead more quickly, efficiently and sustainably.

Deeply hidden in your brain, programs are stored which exercise considerable influence on your life without you even being consciously aware of it. You will only see the results and maybe sometimes you ask yourself why you reacted the way you did in a certain situation and not differently. Just imagine for a moment the possibilities if you were actually able to find out how these subconscious programs are designed in your brain. Using this knowledge, you could influence your behavior and your decisions in such a way to allow you to achieve what you really want. You would become a master of your own success and would no longer be governed by circumstances which lie outside of your control.

If you are a company and work with the Limbic Analyses, you get answers to questions which determine the success of your employees. How do they behave under stress? What motivates them and what are their values? How will they master difficult situations with clients or in teams? How pronounced is the very important characteristic of empathy, for example?
In order to really develop the personality of your employees for the benefit of your company you may need such information. The most successful companies in the world use this kind of knowledge to maintain their competitive edge.   


Limbic Analyses can therefore change your life:

  • You get the key to develop your life the way you want.
  • You obtain important information for achieving your objectives and wishes more quickly.
  • You understand why you react the way you do and how you can influence those reactions in accordance with your wishes.
  • You find out your strongest basic needs and how these must be taken into account in your professional work environment so that you can access your optimal performance.
  • You recognize the qualities of your personality which support or hinder progress toward your objectives.
  • You get the information you need to have a steady hand on the tiller and be successful.

Following "Limbic Analyses" are available

All Limbic Analyses are based on the results of Limbic Personality Checks. Before an analysis can be conducted, the Limbic Personality Check has to be taken in advance.

1. Performance & Healthmanagement

Your key to abundance in performance and health!

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Do you experience situations in your life where it is difficult for you to motivate yourself and to get ahead? Are there situations where you get upset and which spoil your mood? If yes, then one of the reasons is that these situations collide with one or more of your basic needs. For your brain, a threat situation arises and triggers a threat response with all the negative consequences. The more threats exist, the more difficult it gets for you to produce a top performance. It takes more and more effort to maintain your performance level for a longer time and could result in damage to your health.


If you know your basic needs and how these have to be taken into account in your daily business life, you can build up your ideal work environment. You can quickly identify the stumbling blocks on your road to success. You know exactly where to start in order to create optimal conditions in which to steer your career toward the objectives you want.


Benefits for private individuals:

You learn which occupational environment you really need to foster your success. It serves as a kind of checklist, readily at hand so you know what to pay attention to in your present job, or a future one, in order to release your capabilities profitably.


Benefits for companies:

You create optimal conditions for your employees because you take care of their deeply rooted brain-based basic needs. Consequently, you enhance and develop your employees' loyalty so that performance can stay at a high level and absenteeism can be significantly reduced.



Human resource development, talent management, self-awareness, health management, motivation training and coaching, employee loyalty, career management

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2. Profile Comparison Top-Salespeople

Your ticket to the hall of fame of top sellers!

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Is there a hidden secret which explains how top salespeople distinguish themselves from average salespeople? Since sales tools are available to everyone, there must be something else that makes the difference. And indeed, one of the big differences is personality. We analyzed hundreds of top salespeople and identified the personality traits which contributed significantly to their extraordinary sales successes. Based on this knowledge, we created a benchmark profile that can serve as a basis for developing your personality skills to become a top salesperson. In this case your Limbic personality profile will be compared to that of the top-salesperson benchmark. You can immediately see where you have potential for improvement and start working on it purposefully. Instead of visiting expensive and non-target-based training courses, you can focus your attention and money on improvement and thus reach your objectives. This is your shortcut to moving up the top-salesperson league more quickly.


Benefits for salespeople:

You learn which personality traits you should develop to reach your objectives in order to enter into the hall of fame of top salespeople. You avoid detours and start working on the point with the highest potential. By doing this, you have made a decision to take the fast track to success.


Benefits for companies:

You can train your salespeople specifically by working on personality characteristics which most rapidly increase sales success. This helps you to reach the goals you set with your salespeople sooner than planned. They become more motivated and this increases success even more. Your company will save time and money and this brings you closer to meeting your budget requirements.



Selection of salespeople, training and coaching in sales, self-awareness, orientation for your career development.

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3. Profile Comparison Top-Leaders

Your key to living your calling as a top manager!

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We have also developed a comparison profile for top leaders, based on the personalities of leaders with an outstanding performance over a long period of time.


Benefits for companies:

You can identify potential top leaders in your company. With specifically created training and coaching, you can lay the foundation for a high-class leadership team. This enables you to select and promote people from within your company who can ensure your competitiveness even in challenging environments. This helps you to distinguish yourselves from your competitors, to achieve your goals more comprehensively, to create employee loyalty and to save a lot of money in leadership development.


Benefits for leaders:

You learn which combinations of personality traits make people successful leaders. In addition, you realize where you have to improve on the way to becoming a top leader. Using this information, you can work on your career and tap into new opportunities which otherwise you would not be able to exploit. In the process, you can actively influence and promote your future success and leave your competitors behind.



Selection of leaders, training and coaching in leadership development, demonstrating the status quo in leadership development, orientation for one’s own career.

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4. Analysis of Change

Your key to becomming the person YOU want to be!

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How often did you face decisions involving change in the past? Every time you learn something new a change takes place in your brain as well as in your personality. Your brain gets rewired, new connections are created and others are dismantled. But your brain tries to resist such changes because it uses up a lot of the brain’s scarce energy.


In this context, your personality plays a different role. Here you find some traits which support change and some which try to prevent it. If you know which ones will sabotage your endeavors to change, you hold the key to really successful change in your hand. For example, if you prefer to talk with other people about your change process but select the wrong ones who try to stop your endeavor then you are doomed to failure. On the other hand, if you tend to exhibit a personality with a high intrinsic motivation then this kind of danger doesn’t exist because you are not really influenced by other people’s opinions. This simple example shows how important it is to know the personality traits affected by change and to influence them accordingly. This possibility is offered to you by the Change Analysis.


Benefits for private individuals:

You learn which characteristics of your personality will support change and which ones will inhibit it. Thus, you can plan your change in such a way that you ask for support in areas where your subconsciously running programs are playing tricks. In this way, you can work specifically on your future, minimize resistance, achieve your goals more quickly and save precious resources.


Benefits for companies:

A Change Analysis enables companies to support their employees in change processes. In doing so, they can reduce fear and resistance and accelerate the implementation of changes. As a result, change processes are more likely to be successful. Furthermore, leaders get important information for supporting their employees through these processes.



Selection of personnel, human resource development, change processes, coaching, self-awareness

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5. Analysis Team-Evaluation

Pulling in the same direction!

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This analysis enables you to place all team members in positions where they can achieve their top performance. In addition, you identify behaviors which promote and endanger team success. You get a comprehensive picture of the performance capabilities of your team. You learn how to manage your team and identify the driving and the inhibiting forces in it. The opportunities and risks for the individual team members are highlighted as well as their innovative powers, their endurance and much more. With the team analysis at hand, you will have an instrument which raises effectiveness, achievement of objectives and cooperation to new levels.


Benefits for companies:

You will achieve objectives with your teams more quickly, safely and sustainably because you can set the course for your teams' success right from the start. Furthermore, you will know which team members can cause problems and what the reasons for these could be. This will ensure a trouble-free process for projects that will also save your resources.



Team training, setting up teams, team analysis, improvement of team performance

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