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Change anything: The new
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Kerry Patterson, Al Switzler,
David Maxfield, Ron McMillan,
Joseph Grenny

Little, Brown Book Group
ISBN: 10:0749955686

Limbic® Personality Check TEENAGER

The key to a stress-free relationship!

As parents, you know the challenges that come with adolescence. Your children's striving for autonomy and attempts to distance themselves from you are just two examples from your everyday life. These all constitute big emotional demands which you have to master day by day. Interestingly, the behaviors of your children have their reasons in the manifestation of their basic needs. We developed a procedure to pinpoint these basic needs and consider how pronounced they are. For example, if your child is very dominant, the basic needs of status and autonomy will probably develop particularly strongly in adolescence. This not only has consequences for your relationship with each other but also for your child's needs in school and career choice. Thus, the Limbic Personality Check acts as an effective tool in deciding how best to handle your children. It can be taken by children aged 14 and over. Ninety questions provide information about the emotional forces that shape the young personality and how the personality profile is structured at this time.


Benefits for teenagers:

You learn to understand yourself better and, in particular, why you react the way you do. It helps you to improve your relationship with your family and friends as well as to find your way in life.


Benefits for parents and instructors:

It is very helpful to understand why a teenager reacts the way he/she does. The Limbic® Personality Check for Teenagers will answer many questions you may have concerning social interaction with one another. This facilitates living together and mutual understanding.


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