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Book titles:
Change anything: The new
science of personal success

Kerry Patterson, Al Switzler,
David Maxfield, Ron McMillan,
Joseph Grenny

Little, Brown Book Group
ISBN: 10:0749955686

Basics of the Limbic Analyses

All Limbic products are offered and conducted online. Everybody can access them and the results are available immediately after completing the Limbic® Personality Check. Annoying idle time while you are waiting for the results is eliminated.

All Limbic® Personality Analyses are based on insights from neuroscience, particularly those which are concerned with emotionality. The key to a person’s success in his working and business life lies in the emotional brain centers.

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Meanwhile, it is indisputable that emotions have a special significance in our daily life. With a person making an average of more than 20,000 decisions per day, they act as signposts to govern the information flow in our brains. A permanent alignment takes place in our emotional brain centers and determines whether or not the perceived information fosters or threatens our deeply rooted values and motives. The results of the evaluations become implemented in automatic actions and reactions. To find out more about these subconsciously running programs is the task of the Limbic® Personality Check. With this information you can find important pointers for all relevant parts of human life.

We assume that three main instructions are rooted in the brain: dominance, stimulation and balance. This can be proved not only by hormones and neurotransmitters but also by the behavior of people who are too young to think intentionally – babies and toddlers. From these we know that they already have these three instructions at the very young age of several months. For example dominance if a toy is taken away, stimulation when they start to explore their environment and balance if they look for the caregiver’s closeness.

Together with these three main dimensions, three secondary dimensions also exist: innovation, tolerance and discipline. They are mixed dimensions composed of two main dimensions. innovation is composed from parts of stimulation and dominance, tolerance from parts of stimulation and balance and discipline from parts of dominance and balance.

Dominance, stimulation, balance, innovation, tolerance and discipline are generic terms for a multitude of qualities and brain-based basic needs which all have one thing in common: They belong to the programs that run automatically in the subconscious and are significantly involved in human behavior.


The Limbic® Personality Check and all analyses are based on insights from neurobiology, neurophysiology, neuropsychology, endocrinology and different academic disciplines of psychology. At the beginning we were allowed to use the research results of Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel who encouraged and supported us in developing these assay methods.


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