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Book titles:
Change anything: The new
science of personal success

Kerry Patterson, Al Switzler,
David Maxfield, Ron McMillan,
Joseph Grenny

Little, Brown Book Group
ISBN: 10:0749955686



Oliver Damm

Born in 1964, University Business Diploma, married, three children. He is a specialist in Limbic-orientated strategy and Neuro-Selling®. Advanced trainings in Neuroscience of Leadership.

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Mr. Damm has over 25 years' experience as an entrepreneur in various sectors of the investment business (concept and management of Forex funds, self-employed currency trader and registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor in the USA), consultancy, personnel recruitment and sales. Development and marketing of the Limbic® Personality Check together with the psychologist Matthias Schneider.
Using the experiences gained with the Limbic® Personality Check, he has developed the Neuro-Selling® concept, a strategy designed to optimize success for both the individual and the company actively engaged on the selling front.

Mr. Damm is Managing Partner of Limbic Personality GmbH as well as Brain & Performance GmbH and owner of the strategy consultants Damm Consulting in Nuolen, Switzerland. Furthermore, he is a member of a supervisory board of a Swiss corporation.




Matthias Schneider

Born in 1962, psychologist, lic. phil. I., specialist in assessment processes and the implementation of their results in the business environment.
Mr. Schneider has developed his own assessment criteria for performance evaluation and personnel development.

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He has extensive assessment experience in business (small, large and medium-sized companies), with non-profit organizations and the Swiss military.

He is also a member of exam committees for personnel specialists. Mr. Schneider is a shareholder in Limbic Personality GmbH and managing partner of hr symbiont gmbh in Basel, Switzerland..




Eva Damm

Born in 1970, secondary school teacher for mathematics. She has taught at various private and public schools since 1996, and currently works at a girls’ boarding school in the canton of St. Gallen.

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Mrs. Damm has supported the development of the Limbic® Personality Check and the Performance & Motivation Analysis for teenagers. She assists the company in an advisory role.



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